Holydays in jailoo

Kyrgyzstan is truly the center of jailoo tourism. As summer comes, thousands of kyrgyz shepherds in different parts of the country move with their livestock to high summer pastures called jailoo. It is a centuries-old tradition still regularly practiced in Kyrgyzstan. There the families erect round felt yurts (known as boz ui) and stay up until the beginning of October.

Going on a jailoo trip truly gives the full experience of old kyrgyz nomadic culture. In jailoo, travelers have the opportunity to drink a cup of koumiss (fermented mares milk), eat beshbarmak (famous kyrgyz national dish) for dinner and also enjoy the beautiful surronding landscapes hiking or taking a ride on a horse. Nights in jailoo are amazingly peaceful and serene.

Considered rather extreme, jailoo holidays are not recommended for ones with poor health and those traveling with their children.

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